There’s a Kriya for That

There is deep wisdom within our very flesh, if we can only come to our senses and feel it.  ~Elizabeth A. Behnke

I got to the hut at The Big Red Barn Retreat this morning with about two minutes to spare. I generally like to give myself a little more time than that so I can shut off my phone, slip off my shoes, visit the little yogi’s room, and shake off some of the outside world. Yeah, not today.

I also like to predict what Ginger’s theme or focus for a class might be ahead of time, or maybe sometimes try to convince her (through mental telepathy) we need a less physically challenging class (it has yet to work, I will keep you posted). I may have ruminated on an easy class a little too much on my drive out to the hut, but whatever.

Today, we worked on the root chakra with kriyas requiring an engaged root lock (which is usually a challenge for me to sustain) and today was nothing new in that department. I did it. Surprisingly, I did not have a ton of negative self talk inside my noggin’. I listened to Ginger as she guided us through the class and shared some wisdom with us, I adapted two poses and worked through a minor cramp, class went by pretty quickly, and overall, it seemed uneventful. I left feeling good, like usual, but not realizing just how good the class had actually been for me.

Later this week, I will be admitted to the hospital for a procedure. It is routine, I am told, but for me, it really does not feel all that ordinary. It certainly is not normal to me to undergo this type of thing and it has had me preoccupied for the last couple of weeks. I have been easily distracted, I have slept poorly, I have tried to pour myself into work to busy myself and think about it less (yeah, that was a flop), and I have been lost in all the what ifs.

After leaving the hut, I noticed the profound absence of the looming distraction I have experienced since I last saw my doctor. Dare I say, it was like magic. To best illustrate it, it was like right now was more important all day than all the other stuff. My deduction is that the vacillation, the agitation, and the interference I have been feeling would have probably had less of a hold on me if my root chakra had been more balanced. I needed the grounding of some good root work to hem up my hem-hawing so I can move through this week with a lot more right now and a whole lot less Friday.