Taking Care of Myself

It’s really okay for there to be times you stop putting everyone else first and just do what’s best for you. ~ Tracey Leech

That’s been me for the last few days! Last Friday, I had a heart catheterization. Although, I had no shortness of breath or chest pains, but I have a family history of heart disease and I asked my doctor if seeing a cardiologist would be wise. He agreed, so after convincing myself I wanted to go, I went. After the abnormal stress test at the cardiologist’s office, he ordered the heart cath.

I have quite an extensive health record and have seen the insides of many procedure and operating rooms. At this point, I have no idea why I am still so very freaked out by them, but freaked out, I remain. In fact, I am likely more freaked out now than I ever used to be. I cannot be sure, but I think I had an anxiety attack in the cath lab at the hospital. There were tears and uncontrollable head to toe shivers, and despite the kindness of the nurses in the cath lab, I was inconsolable until the IV meds hit my veins. The news was good after about ten minutes on the table when the doc declared I had no blockages, which relieved me so very much!

Today has been my first day back to doing normal things. Over the weekend, I was ordered to rest and avoid lifting over five pounds. Umm, yeah, I am not so good at those things. Alas, my sweet husband was home and took excellent care of me and let me take all the naps I wanted through the weekend. It was amazing. And it was a little annoying because I only want to nap on my terms, not the terms of some doctor person.

But, thinking about it all, why do we need doctors to tell us to take breaks? What ever happened to coming clean and admitting we just need a day off? No errands, no work, no phone (yes, I said that), no laundry, no nothing. We are so busy telling people how busy we are that we get so busy we forget to rest or we feel guilty for not being as busy as someone else, or something along those lines, and that ain’t good. It ain’t good for nobody.

Yoga has helped me to realize I need those three visits to The Big Red Barn every week. I need that motion and the breath, I need the time on the mat, and I need to invest in myself. I also need other times when I can just back off and put myself first. We all need those times. I would even declare that we are of no use to others if we cannot properly disengage for our own good.

So, I would love to challenge you (and me, I hope you do not think I am letting myself off the hook) to set some boundaries for yourself. Learn to tell people no. Accept the doctor’s orders and take those naps, or even the naps you just want to take. Do the yoga. Get away for the weekend. Stop being someone’s mom for a night and just be you.


*Stacie is a student at Begin Within Yoga and Wellness. She is a wife, mom, cancer survivor, small business owner, and dog lover. She loves sports, talk radio, and cookies.