Take Me to Church

I have always been the type that if I went to church, I usually left feeling like the message, regardless of what it was, was meant just for me. It really does not matter what the message is, I always take something good away from it. It is like a gift, right there for the taking.

That is yoga for me. No matter the day, the focus of the class, the length of the class, I take away some kind of benefit. There it is, just waiting for me to unwrap it.

Yesterday was no different. I was late. Again. Crap. But I had brought a gift for Ginger, since it was her birthday, so that wins me a couple of points back, right? I got there, settled onto a mat and Ginger announced that we would be doing a class of mostly Yin Yoga. In my brain, I was all, “Mmm-kay, let’s do Yin.” Then she explained what Yin is. I want you to know it took everything I had not to run around the room and high-five everyone!

See, I love yoga, but I love doing not a lot, too. The Yin practice is a slower-paced yoga with poses held for longer periods. I was happy to transition from pose to pose and then to let that opening the pose gave me take over. It happened, y’all, and it was lovely. Ginger even remarked at my undeniable placidity during class. Me and Yin are going to be great friends.

What I love about yoga is that there are so many types of yoga and so many different ways to hone in on specific needs. I have a lot of medical needs. I no longer have a thyroid (she tried to kill me, so I kicked her out) and a collection of other endocrine issues with which I contend. I have chosen (with my doctor) as natural a treatment protocol as possible, which works for me, but I feel so noticeably better when I include yoga. Thanks to regular practice and learning what poses and kriyas I can use for the medical benefit, I can maximize my wellness. And, I impress my doctors when they see me doing so well. So there.

The best advice I can give anyone is to seek. Be the need medical, spiritual, emotional, physical, or whatever, seeking that knowledge and practice that satiates is reassuring and transcendental and truly amazing. Yoga does not just make me better, it makes me better and it makes me betterDoes that make sense?


*Stacie is a student at Begin Within Yoga and Wellness. She is a wife, mom, cancer survivor, small business owner, and dog lover. She loves sports, talk radio, and cookies.