Medical Meditation


What is a Medical Meditation?

Medical Meditations are ancient, advanced meditations that were employed for healing long ago before the advent of modern medicine. Today, they have been rediscovered as one of the newest and most cutting-edge advances in the field of integrative medicine.

Medical Meditations are not the same as a simple, word-based meditation used to elicit relaxation. While that type of therapy is helpful and widely practiced it is, in effect, the most basic version of Medical Meditation. In genuine Medical Mediation, there are many variables and dozens of different versions that address a wide variety of conditions and illnesses.

Medical Meditations surpass the more mundane forms of meditation by fully addressing every element of our physical and ethereal makeup, providing a more full service approach. The meditations harness the powerful effects of:

  • Specific breathing patterns
  • Special postures and movement including exact positioning of the hands and fingers
  • Particular mantras consisting of distinct vibratory sounds
  • A unique mental focus

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