In Review

“Everything has changed and yet, I am more me than I’ve ever been.” ~ Iain Thomas


Whew. 2017. I think it tried to kill me.

I started taking classes at The Big Red Barn Retreat with Ginger and Begin Within Yoga and Wellness last January. My goal, at the time, was just to get moving doing something I enjoyed. I had no idea how my heart and my mind would get moving, too. As such, I decided to do a different type of year in review to observe things I am enjoying about myself.

  • I am more mindful. Not only of others, but of myself, I am learning to pause before yelling speaking at or about people or things. By nature and nurture, I tend to be vocal. Not everyone needs to hear everything I say. The best person to decide what I speak is me.
  • Waiting does not take an eternity. Waiting takes moments, and while it may not always feel like what I want to do, waiting is just part of existing so I may as well just suck it up.
  • Learning is never-ending, especially when I am learning about myself.
  • “Being there” for someone does not always mean telling them something. I find I am more likely to “hear” them now. I would like to think they recognize the change and appreciate seeing it in me.
  • Yoga poses are not out to get me, regardless what my body (and mind) think.
  • Challenges on the mat prepare me for challenges in my life. I can breathe, I can wait it out, I can adjust (if necessary), but when I stick with it, I am better.
  • While humor is often appreciated, it is not always necessary.
  • I am more joyful. Sometimes I do need to remind myself to experience the joy I encounter instead of allowing it to pass me by, but I am more joyful.
  • I feel more whole. I feel fewer chunks missing everyday.
  • Yoga is not something I can take or leave. Yoga is the first thing I write in my schedule now.
  • Right now is valuable. It is everything.
  • It is ok to acknowledge the suck in a situation. It is imperative that I do not get stuck in the suck.

It is my hope that 2018 brings new opportunities your way, that peace is easier for you to find and to achieve, and that you find yourself on your mat often.

~ Namaste.


*Stacie is a student at Begin Within Yoga and Wellness. She is a wife, mom, cancer survivor, small business owner, and dog lover. She loves sports, talk radio, and cookies.