Hey, Mom

Ain’t no hood like motherhood. ~ Unknown


Part of my journey through yoga is this phase of my life. My children are grown, mostly, but in a place where my guidance is mandatory. I think that is a permanent condition of motherhood, regardless of the children’s ages, but still, sigh. . .

We moms tend, out of habit, to forget to serve ourselves. When our kids were young, 24-hour Mom Mode was necessary to keep everyone alive and prevent fractured fibias from jumping off bunk beds. As they aged, it was best to keep it up because orange slices for soccer did not cut themselves and neighbor kids with questionable upbringing needed supervision in the back yard. Then, high school; let us all just pause for a moment and place some gratefulness in our hearts that we made it through because, man, high school was brutal (as a mom) and I often times forgot my own name in the melee.

Out of necessity (or what we believe to be necessity), we often forget who we are, that we love to read or craft, that we really need a weekend away, that frosting on graham crackers is an ok dinner sometimes when no one is watching, and that we simply must take care of ourselves. If we are keeping it real, if we fall apart, all the rest of everything does, too. How is that for a reality check?

The pull on me and my heartstrings is real and ever present. And, even though it is hard to admit, it sometimes leaves me feeling resentful from not being able to nurture my own needs when I allow the needs of my family (and sometimes friends) to overtake them.

So, sitting on a bolster sucking in some air makes a difference? YES. It does.

Yoga has helped me find my spine, and I chose that word on purpose. I am literally more aware of my spine than I was in years prior. Learning how to move my spine and experience its energy has helped in my healing (physically and emotionally) and forcing myself to take the time to practice has given me permission to find my spine (metaphorically) and enabled me to recall who I am, and that I have every right and privilege to take care of ME.

I exist. How can I love without loving myself? I must first nurture myself and fill myself with what I need before I can meet your needs. And, I can walk away from anything which does not serve me well. Because I do deserve that.

And so do you.


*Stacie is a student at Begin Within Yoga and Wellness. She is a wife, mom, cancer survivor, small business owner, and dog lover. She loves sports, talk radio, and cookies.