Have you met Arthur(ritis)?

Well if not you will soon if you don’t take care now… You ask who is “Arthur” a.k.a Arthritis. The common misconception with using Yoga for arthritis pain is that it will mean contorting and bending the body in unnatural ways in an effort to force the body to accept the pain and develop some level of comfort.  The core attributes of a Yoga for Arthritis Program are still going to be breathing and meditation but the exercises are specially catered to the individuals level of movement and comfort.  Stretching will still be involved but they are a part of Yoga’s core statement of developing balance and harmony between the body and mind and enhancing the bodies strength and flexibility.  Each pose or position assumed during a Yoga workout has a specific purpose and a specific physical benefit. The poses themselves remain the same but how they are entered and approached will vary greatly from discipline to discipline and teacher to teacher.


The Yoga poses can be tailored specially for specific joints or combinations of joints.  For instance a common area for arthritis to strike is the hands and knuckles and in this instance there would be a series of poses that straighten and lengthen the fingers, although the level of comfort in the arthritis sufferer always dictates the extent of this.  Stretching the hands also feed energy to that area of the body and over time will assist the arthritis in the fingers.  The heat generated by these movements is proven to be very beneficial for sufferers of arthritis.