Yoga for a Healthier Body

Glad I Did

What happens when people open their hearts? They get better. ~ Haruki Murakami   This morning was a rough one. I had a really hard time getting up, and if I am being honest, I absolutely did not want to. Our summer was long and the autumn has crept in swiftly, and the chill in […]

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Mom, Why are You Breathing So Loud?

“How often do you think about breathing?” Ginger asked me. I lied when I told her, “Almost never.” That was code word for, “Whatchu talkin’ bout, Ginger? Never!” We had met for my individual consultation Begin Within offers to Veterans, service members, retirees, and their immediate families. I had never heard of this type of […]

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Have you met Arthur(ritis)?

Well if not you will soon if you don’t take care now… You ask who is “Arthur” a.k.a Arthritis. The common misconception with using Yoga for arthritis pain is that it will mean contorting and bending the body in unnatural ways in an effort to force the body to accept the pain and develop some […]

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